The Objective

  • Rollout of various machines, lighting and power through a large and empty factory
  • Allow for regular changes without the need for an electrician on site
  • Turnaround of less than 6 weeks.

The challenge at hand? To orchestrate the seamless rollout of various machines, lighting, and power throughout a sprawling, vacant factory space for NDT Supplies – all while ensuring the capacity to accommodate regular changes without the need for an on-site electrician. After some market research and clever design we achieved this goal and did so within an astonishing turnaround time of fewer than six weeks, setting a benchmark for agile and responsive factory operations.

The Solution

We have carried out many projects over the years that would be classed as ‘permanent fixtures’. The client advised us that they would be regularly re-arranging the factory to suit their project needs and deemed it cost ineffective to either employ a full-time electrician and/or pay contractors on a regular basis to come and alter the installation to suit the new layout.

We found a manufacturer that would solve the problem using a busbar trunking system. They are called Zucchini.
This was a long lasting, versatile and easy to install system that uses components called ‘Tap-offs’ that use a plug and play method.
The main busbar system is a metallic fully enclosed horizontal rail, mounted around 1.5m from the ground and has a large power supply coming into it.

This then has socket type connections at various points of the rail where you can simply plug in a fused ‘Tap-off’ plug that has a machine or appliance connected to it at any point along the length. This allows frequent movement of machinery without touching any actual wiring.

High Standard

High Standard

Installation was done to a high standard with a great finish

Improved Operations

Improved Operations

The day-to-day operations of the business have been enabled without the use of contact electrician call outs

On Schedule

On Schedule

The business was trading on schedule and on budget

Case Studies

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This case study takes a deep dive into the world of solar panel technology. We helped High Force Research Ltd. gain a head start along the road of significantly reducing their carbon footprint with the use of a 125kWp Solar PV Array on the roof. Their mission was threefold: to significantly reduce energy consumption costs, establish a live data monitoring system, and make a substantial contribution to curbing their carbon footprint within the community.

Powerful Innovation

Battery Storage

In an age defined by the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, the field of battery storage emerges as a linchpin in the transition towards a greener future.

In this case study, we explore a remarkable project in the category of battery storage, with St. John's Chapel as the forward-thinking client. Their objectives were clear: maximize the storage of surplus electricity, future-proof the installation for potential wind turbine integration, and create a sustainable environment to power an electric AGA cooker using cleaner energy sources.

Charging Ahead

EV Charging

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As we explore the dynamic landscape of EV charging, this case study shines a spotlight on Intercontinental Brands Ltd. Middlesbrough. The challenge they faced was multi-faceted: to harness the potential of EV charging technology, enabling use for multiple cars, facilitating regular software updates, and, crucially, delivering faster charging speeds than traditional home charging units.

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