The Objective

  • Reduce Energy Consumption Costs
  • Demonstrate a Way We can monitor live data
  • Make an impact on our carbon footprint in the area

As we embark on this exploration, we uncover the innovative strategies and transformative technologies employed by High Force Research Ltd. to not only achieve their energy efficiency goals but also to lead the way in environmentally responsible practices. Join us in this journey of harnessing the sun’s power and discover how this pioneering project sets a shining example of sustainability through solar panels, proving that a brighter, greener future is indeed within reach.

The Solution

We initially had a design that would cover the Southwest roof in panels, but this would not quite cover the energy requirement the business needed to make a sufficient impact. We tend not to look at North facing roofs, but as the roof pitch was so low and with a good amount of physical space to install more panels, the benefits worked out great.

Save On Electricity Bills

Save On Electricity Bills

Installation of a 125kWp Solar PV Array on the roof

Meeting Business Requirements

Meeting Business Requirements

Installation of additional solar panels on low pitch roof

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

More solar panels means more greener energy!

Case Studies

Discover how Go2 Renewables is leading the way towards a greener future. see some of the projects we've been working on below.

Witness the transformative impact of our cutting-edge greener energy solutions with both our business and residential clients.

Powerful Innovation

Battery Storage

In an age defined by the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, the field of battery storage emerges as a linchpin in the transition towards a greener future.

In this case study, we explore a remarkable project in the category of battery storage, with St. John's Chapel as the forward-thinking client. Their objectives were clear: maximize the storage of surplus electricity, future-proof the installation for potential wind turbine integration, and create a sustainable environment to power an electric AGA cooker using cleaner energy sources.

Charging Ahead

EV Charging

With a seismic shift towards sustainable transportation, the electric vehicle (EV) industry stands at the forefront of innovation.

As we explore the dynamic landscape of EV charging, this case study shines a spotlight on Intercontinental Brands Ltd. Middlesbrough. The challenge they faced was multi-faceted: to harness the potential of EV charging technology, enabling use for multiple cars, facilitating regular software updates, and, crucially, delivering faster charging speeds than traditional home charging units.

Enlightening the Future

LED Lighting

An LED Lighting Case Study for Bishop Auckland College.

With energy bills spiralling out of control, the college chose us to help them make the switch to LED lighting, which will cost a fraction to run compared to fluorescent fittings.

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