Solar PV Panel Installation

Solar power has been around for a long time. Now that we have had time to perfect the technology, the amount of energy that can be produced from each panel has grown substantially

This makes it much easier to fit a higher amount of Solar energy into a much smaller space, in turn giving you greater savings on carbon emmissions and energy costs.

More about Solar Panels
  • Renewable Energy Source

  • Reduced Energy Bills

  • Increased Home Value


Solar To Battery Storage

We now have the ability to store our energy generated with the use of batteries.

A storage system could be key to any renewable energy system, as well as storing unused surplus energy for use later, you can also charge the batteries using cheaper and/or greener import tariffs. Meaning you purchase minimal ‘dirty’ energy from the grid.

More about Battery Storage For Solar Panels
  • Energy Backup

  • Cost Savings

  • Environmental Impact


EV Charger Installation

Making the switch of your fleet vehicles to electric is also a really good way of bringing down your overall carbon footprint and running costs.

installing EV charging units will facilitate the ability to keep the fleet on the road without going to petrol and diesel stations. They could also incentivise staff to go electric if they know they can charge up at work.

More about EV Charging Installer
  • Convenience

  • Electricity costs less than fossil fuels

  • Customisable Charging


Go2 LED Lighting

Old lighting types such as fluorescent, filament, tungsten are very inefficient and costly to run and maintain.

By simply switching them to LED you could not only save up to around 90% on your lighting electricity bill but also get a much better level of lighting.

More about LED Lighting
  • Energy Efficiency

  • Longevity

  • Variety of Designs


Electrical Services

All of Our team have come from an electrical background, meaning we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with electrical installation, maintenance and repair work.

We offer Electrical Condition Reports for businesses and landlords, Full or Part Rewires, Minor additions and alterations, Fault Finding and PAT Testing.

More about Electrical Services
  • Safety Assured

  • Code Compliant

  • Expertise and Precision

Corporate Solutions

We create bespoke solutions for every business because every business is different in how they use their power and the way they operate. These are just some of the clients we have helped over the years to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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