Will my roof still be watertight after you have fitted the panels?

Yes, all mounting and fixings systems we install shall be watertight and any penetrations made good. If any leaks are found near the panels post install, call us and we can take a look to rectify the issue.

I do not like the look of solar panels on a roof, but I would like to use them, what are my options?

This issue does get raised from time to time.  We can offer ‘all black’ panels, rail fixings and bird guards around them.  This can improve the look.  Or even go for a flush in roof system that will blend in much better.

I have an East and West facing roof, will that severely affect how much I will generate?

You can still generate great amounts of electricity on East and West roofs, this is because the Sun rises in the East and Sets in the West.  So your generation will be slightly lower more linear across the day.

Do my Solar Panels work when the sky is overcast and cloudy?

Simple answer, yes.  The panels work using the irradiance from the Sun as opposed to light itself.  You will see some drops in performance, but they will still be generating some energy.

Do I get paid for the electricity I export?

Your electricity provider, maybe able to offer you a government based incentive known as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG for short), you could get paid up to 0.23p per kwh depending on your provider.  Some energy companies just require some MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) paperwork and certificates to enable this, which we can provide.

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