Will you have turn off all my power when changing my lights to LED?

We can usually carry out the work with just some local isolations in the area we are working in just on the lights. Meaning you can still use plug sockets and appliances.

My staff keep leaving the switches turned on and wasting electricity, how can I combat this?

Smart microwave or Passive Infrared Sensors can be fitted to/with the lights if needed. This means they only turn on if someone is in the near area/room. Then turn off automatically after a pre-set time.

When will the savings begin after switching?

Immediately, as your old lighting is most likely running at a much higher wattage than LED, and have more of them, straight away you are using less energy to power them.

How do I change a lamp if one fails?

The vast majority of LED lights we install are known as ‘chip on board’. This means there is no actual lamp/bulb to swap, it is built into the fitting. They are also designed to have a longer lifespan and generous product warranties.

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