My current electrician has let me down, can you complete their work and provide a ‘Part P’ Building notification for it?

What we could do is carry out and provide an electrical installation condition report of the third parties work. Any additional work required could be carried out by us, we would then provide an Electrical Installation Certificate along with a Part P building notification (where applicable) upon completion.

I am selling my property but the solicitor has asked for an electrical safety certificate, can you help?

Yes, we can carry out what is known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report on the property.  This is like an MOT for your property’s electrical installation. It will outline in detail the current condition, any defects found that could affect safety, and advise on any improvements that are recommended. 

After the report is completed, it will summarise as either Satisfactory, which means there may be some points for improvement but still classed as safe for continued use.  Or it could be Unsatisfactory, which means there are defects found that need to be rectified as soon as practicable or immediately (dependant on the severity of the defect). 

Either way, following the report, we can provide quotations to rectify any issues found.

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