I am struggling for space to locate the batteries in my property, can they be fitted outside?

Yes, some manufacturers have a sufficient Ingress Protection rating to be sited outdoors. Although, this has the potential of affecting the performance of the cells.

Will you have turn off all my power when changing my lights to LED?

We can usually carry out the work with just some local isolations in the area we are working in just on the lights. Meaning you can still use plug sockets and appliances.

Where is the best place to install batteries in my property?

Where possible, we try to fit them in a garage or utility room, but generally somewhere away from habitable rooms and keeping aesthetically pleasing as practicable, whilst following manufacturers guidelines.

I do not like the look of solar panels on a roof, but I would like to use them, what are my options?

This issue does get raised from time to time.  We can offer ‘all black’ panels, rail fixings and bird guards around them.  This can improve the look.  Or even go for a flush in roof system that will blend in much better.

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