I am struggling for space to locate the batteries in my property, can they be fitted outside?

Yes, some manufacturers have a sufficient Ingress Protection rating to be sited outdoors. Although, this has the potential of affecting the performance of the cells.

Where is the best place to install batteries in my property?

Where possible, we try to fit them in a garage or utility room, but generally somewhere away from habitable rooms and keeping aesthetically pleasing as practicable, whilst following manufacturers guidelines.

Our property gets regular powercuts.  Is there a backup function on the batteries?

Yes, most battery systems have the ability to either connect a socket outlet to them, or redirect existing low power circuits such as lighting, heating and internet, to be used in the event of a grid power cut.  Speak to your designer about adding this to your package if required.

Can I use everything in my whole house at the same time from just my battery?

In most cases, no, but there are manufacturers on the market that have the ability to cope with around 10kW of demand through the battery inverter.  We tend to advise using appliances one at a time to make better use of the inverter and make the batteries longer lasting.

How would I know how many batteries I need?

Our expert team would be able to guide the way with this, when we design your system, we try to minimise the amount of electricity you would export and store it for use later.  We do this using data from your Solar panels and consumption.

We sometimes propose more batteries in your property if you intend to use a cheaper/greener tariff to charge them. 

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